The Magi is an organization headed by the Council of Four. Rising in power since just before WWI, their current goal is to formally unite the different magical practices of the world under one authority and one set of laws. Needless to say, most do not take kindly to that, even if the desire to practice magic without fear of the spirits and gods has become nearly universal. The larger purpose of the Magi is to trap the gods and spirits left in the world in Masks and, if possible, to destroy them. The Magi are currently based in New York City, using the city's diversity to make connections across the world. 



Originally founded in the Mediterranean area, the Magi were initially a small group of men and women whose task was to trap the supernatural entities troubling people around the world; however, they quickly became overzealous, trapping not only oppressive and violent entities, but also the benevolent and uninterested. By the 7th century CE, most magical practitioners, Magi or otherwise, could not tell the difference between malignant and beneficent spirits, while the spirits themselves had become cautious and sometimes violence in response. Any disturbance was automatically attributed to the local spirits and the Magi summoned to trap them.

In time, the calls dwindled as spirits were either trapped or hid in remote areas for centuries. Meanwhile, magical practitioners were, in turn, ostracized by most of the civilized world, particularly in Asia, where the sciences became a priority for scholars and philosophers. Practitioners were forced to hide their skills, and the Magi briefly repurposed themselves to eliminate anyone making the presence of magic known to non-practitioners (a tradition that continued and came to a head in Salem).

The Black Plague

While most of Europe suffered the Bubonic Plague in the 1300s, the magical community suffered an outbreak of spirits -- someone, later discovered to be a diviner by the name of [name] [name], found and stole several Masks from Magi and freed them by disguising herself as a plague doctor to inspect sick Magi -- a technique the Magi adapted for their own use that fell out of practice once the Plague subsided. The entities, corrupted by centuries of isolation, possessed and killed her, but proceeded to wreak a great deal of havoc before the Magi could recapture them into new Masks. One Mask, however, was not released by [name]; she sent it to a fellow diviner in Ottoman Baghdad, but it never reached its destination. It has not been seen since.


By the 1700s, the Magi had decreased in number and wore out their welcomes in other magical communities. They were cast out of their homelands for trying to push others into merging magical traditions -- often at the cost of eliminating many localized practices. The Magi arrived in the Americas with the myriad of political and religious refugees (and criminals). Rather than crumbling, they gathered numbers from the colonies. While Native Americans were pushed into smaller and smaller communities and reservations, their spirits were trapped in Masks as well; Magi are still currently banned from Native American territory.

1800s - Present day

The Magi went largely unnoticed in American society as they seceded from Europe and became a world power, attracting millions of refugees, immigrants, and workers from nations all around the world. Capitalizing on the influx of immigrants to coastal cities, the Magi chose New York City as their central location, placing themselves in convenient power, using the culture of making oneself to gain connections and resources. Another outbreak of the Bubonic Plague in China -- again accompanied by a broken Mask -- placed numerous magical communities in China in debt to the Magi, gaining them a solid albeit reluctant ally.

Although still small, the Magi have more clout than many communities in the world, and have no shame in using worldwide events to manipulate these small groups of practitioners into being part of them.

Ideals & Methods

A majority of Magi fall under the belief that they are protecting mankind -- especially its magical practitioners -- from malevolent or uncontrollable entities. In the past, humanity has been subject to the whims of gods and other spirits, subjecting them to punishments that far outclassed any crimes, real or imagined. There are still many minor supernatural beings floating around, particularly in urban sectors like New York, where they can hide among the large and diverse populations, and many are malicious; local chapters of the Magi often do protect and promote community.

Much to the chagrin of


The Magi claim that all magical practitioners except diviners are members of the Magi -- whether they have agreed or not. However, most people prefer not to identify with them. Below are the known members who actively associate with the Magi and their agendas.

Council of Four Members

  • Monifa (1)
  • Isiah (2)
  • Shipra (3)
  • Paul (4)
  • (1954-1986; deceased)
  • (1966-1979; deceased)
  • (1943-1957; deceased)
  • (1957-1991; deceased)

Standard Members


Below are locations from which Magi operate in a defensive or almost missionary capacity:

New York Chapters


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